A Dash of Pink

Hello world! I am 39 weeks today and still no sign of baby.

Before we make a run downtown for Car2Go’s public launch and enjoy some food, sun and music I thought I’d share two photos from my early morning sessions. Nothing beats crawling in grass and climbing park benches with two pretty little girls in your pregnant glory. There is something about pink tulle that I cannot resist.

There’s more to come. Have a great weekend all!

M1a's Turning One

“It’s my Birthday and I’m turning One.  If my party is anything like this downtown shoot, it will be a whole lot of fun!”

Today, Mel and I headed over to the Brazos Lofts in downtown Austin and captured several firsts: my first attempt at sidewalk graffiti, Mia’s first birthday session, and Mia’s first tour of the Kathy Womack gallery. (Media overload!) We had a great time and more importantly our shoot was successful,  sans tears or citations.

Mia was as cute as a bug and happy and fun. Happy birthday, Mia!

Morgan & Maddox

I began photographing the Cao clan over three years ago when Maddox was just a newborn and I can still remember the session so vividly.  It was a an exciting time for for the first time Mom and all Maddox could do was sleep! Nowadays,  you’ll find he (and his parents) get anything but that between his busy social schedule and his new baby sister.

Meet Morgan– she is the cutest ball of chunk (I love chunky babies!) with a funny little stare that will make you laugh.  It’s been a while since I’ve done children’s portraits and I never shoot in the afternoon, but since Mom convinced me that would be the best time for the Caogirl I quickly obliged. We met up at Zilker Park today and found a nice little shaded area under the trees where I quickly snapped away.

Maddox had zero interest in being in front of the camera so I had to find creative ways to get him in the shots. We managed to get only a few but he’s still the cutest little guy around town in my book! Morgan is the happiest baby ever. You would never have guessed it was just about nap time. The bond between these two kids is too cute for words and watching this family interaction has always been so fun and amazing to me.  Love them all! Here’s a sneak peek..

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