Bluebonnet Mini Sessions 2019 ~ Sign-up Live

Austin Bluebonnet Mini Session season is near – it’s time to book your spot! Pricing is $195 for a mini session + 5 digital negatives + print release. The dates are Sat 3/23 and Sun 3/24. See below for full details. Contact or 850.319.4591 to reserve a spot.

Austin bluebonnet mini sessions Elias

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How does an Austin Bluebonnet Mini Session differ from a full session?

A regular photo session starts at $645 and runs sixty minutes in length at the location of your choice. A mini session last fifteen minutes and is conducted at a specific location chosen by the photographer. Austin Bluebonnet Mini Session pricing for 2019 is $195.


What is the 2019 Austin Bluebonnet Mini Session schedule?

Saturday, March 30th (Back-up Date: 4/6)

Sunday, March 31st (Back-up Date: 4/7)


What is the cost of an Austin Bluebonnet Mini Session and what does it include?

Pricing is $195 and includes a phone consultation, fifteen minutes of image creation, an online gallery of 25+ images for proofing, sharing and ordering, and five downloadable high-resolution images of your choosing.


How do I sign up for an Austin Bluebonnet Mini Session?

Contact Ziem at 850.319.4591 or send a note to with your preferred date and time slot (availability below). In addition, a non-refundable payment in full is due via VenMo within 2 hours. There is a 3% fee when using PayPal.


What happens next?

Within one week of the session date, you will receive proofs for previewing and ordering. You will subsequently select five images for downloading and purchase additional digital negatives + prints.


What is the plan for inclement weather?

In the event of rain, the mini session will be postponed exactly seven days from your originally scheduled date and time. Please also be sure to reserve this time and date when booking your mini session. Session fees are non-refundable. However, you may transfer your session to a friend or relative of your choosing.

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If you are unable to book a Bluebonnet Mini Session, the next opportunity will be my second annual Mommy-and-Me mini’s in April. This year, I will host one outdoor session as well as a styled option with a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” theme.

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The Guptas’ Newborn Session

austin newborn photographer in home

austin newborn photography in home


Capturing a young family grow is rewarding beyond measure. A few years back, I photographed the Gupta family for their daughter Mia’s cake smash. We had met through a client of mine and they wanted keepsake photos of her first birthday party. The event was wildly adorable and remains my #1 favorite. (More of cake smash goodness here.) Luckily, this new round of photos was just as sweet. 


austin newborn photography in home


From her cake smash, I remembered Mia as a lovely, photogenic one-year-old. Now, she was little girl! Most importantly, she recently became a big sister to newborn Tristan. It was high time to mark these milestones with some new family photos, including updated photos of Mia and newborn portraits of baby brother Tristan. 


austin newborn photography in home


To top it off, the Guptas had just finished reconstructing their new home, which would be the gorgeous backdrop for the newborn photography session. The interior was mostly white, so we kept the colors neutral for a classic result. We shot in stunning new spaces, such as their living room, play room and entryway. A win-win for timeless family photos. 


austin newborn photography in home


We scheduled the newborn photography session around nap time, but with kids sometimes things don’t go according to plan. When I arrived, Mia was more interested in her coloring books and toys. Both photographers and clients must be flexible when working with toddlers. It’s better to wait for them to come around, than to force the session.



austin newborn photography in home


And what a beautiful session it turned out to be! The new home framed the Gupta family in great light. Mia looked cute in a navy-striped summer dress and Tristan was a loveable newborn in soft grays. My favorite shot had Tristan in his bassinet and big sister Mia welcoming him home. We set the shot by their front door to capture this unforgettable moment. These two cuties made the photo session twice as nice. austin newborn photography in home

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Austin Newborn Photography | The O’Brien Family

Austin Newborn Family Photographers

austin newborn family photographers

In-home sessions used to have a bad rap but they have come a long way in the last decade or two. Think harsh lighting, stiff poses and traditional blankets, and you’ve got a visual of my childhood attempts as a photographer. I photographed this family, new-ish from Australia, last week. I can absolutely say the resulting images were an improvement and a stark contrast to those from my junior high days.

Check out my latest work and contact me to reserve a family newborn session!

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The Mamelaks

This has to be one of my most fun and animated clients to date. Of course the wife and three sons also bring it to the session every time! Any time I get the opportunity to work with the Mamelaks, it’s sure to be an adventure. I love that Miriam doesn’t give in and cave in to what’s practical for photographing boys. They are always perfectly polished and unafraid to run wild and crazy. austin family photographers mamelak


austin family newborn photography


Miriam totally defies this who Mom of Boys thing. As a matter of fact, she’s not giving up her beautiful, curly tresses, leather boots, or gold studded belt to keep up. She still wears lipgloss. With FOUR spontaneous and adventurous boys, she can play Star Wars and Transformers. I think she draws the line at hockey – that’s all Dad! In fact, we had to schedule our session around their family sport. He’s Canadian, after all. austin family photographers mamelak


austin family newborn photography


Whether you’re #boymomforlife or #teamgirl or somewhere in between, I’d love to work with you. Check out my latest work on Instagram and view my austin family photography portfolio online. To book a session, contact or 850.319.4591.


Cake Smash Photography Austin

Last chance to book –  Austin Fall Photography Mini Sessions! Contact or 850.319.4591 to reserve your spot. cake smash photography austin

cake smash photographer austin


It was such a pleasure meeting this family for photos — YESTERDAY! Mom is originally from Austin, and the family lived in NYC for some time before returning to Austin this summer. I’m extremely thrilled when we can add an element of excitement and fun to a session. Since little Teddy will be turning one soon, she chose the perfect cake with an incredible teddy bear and gorgeous details.


cake smash photographer austin


Big Brother Henry wasn’t so keen on being photographed, initially. But the parents remained calm and gave him all the time he needed. It was not long before we were able to capture some of his best smiles. I even got in a little cardio, chasing him around. These boys are absolutely sweet and I do give the parents a lot of credit for helping making this session so successful with their preparation and flexible attitude.


cake smash photographer austin


When it came time for the smashing, I knew that Teddy would either cry or be totally indifferent to the beautiful cake in front of him, or that he’d be intoxicated by that first taste of sugary confection and maul the cake like a bear should. Obviously, it was definitely not the former. Teddy was all smiles as soon mom placed the cake before him. He showed interest and barely sampled a bite, even attempting to crawl away from the cake at one point. By the time he got the hang of things, we were able to get some incredible memories for this family. It was a total mess, but so worth it!


cake smash photographer austin


Booking Cake Smash Photography and Mini Sessions in Austin! Contact or 850.319.4591 to reserve your spot.

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