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  • Austin Family Photographer: The Aseron Family

  • If you looked up “style” or “family” in the dictionary – ok, or on the internet, as the kids do nowadays – you’d likely see a picture of the Aseron family. It just doesn’t get better than this wonderful bunch.

    austin family photographers in austin ziem photography

    The universe basically insisted that Austin family photographer Ziem and the Aserons be friends, between two older kids often mistaken for twins, a shared due date for a second child, and a shared class at school. From joint half birthday portraits to countless photo shoots, Ziem is honored to be both friends with and photographer for this happy clan. Z and mama Lauren may or may not be plotting an arranged marriage between their oldest two – and can you blame them?

    austin family photographers in austin ziem photography

    The world got a lot brighter with the arrival of the Aserons’ third child. The lucky boy appears to have inherited both the trademark family charisma *and* the to-die-for lashes; with any luck, the amazing dance moves are next. Baby Boy is also simply the sweetest, happiest little man, the perfect addition to an already impressive bunch.

    austin family photographers in austin ziem photography

    Ziem feels honored to not have photographed so many of the Aserons’ important moments throughout the years, but to be great friends with them as well. Sometimes the universe just knows that a partnership – including at least one arranged marriage – is meant to be!

    austin family photographers in austin ziem photography austin kite festival

    Austin Kite Festival 2013

  • Austin Family Photography | The Sorrels

  • Oh, THIS gorgeous family and those sweet kids – adding to my baby fever. There’s more cuteness than I can count on my digits. From a most delightful big sister who is so natural in front of a camera, to a middle brother who is destined to be a household name someday soon if not already, and baby brother with the most adorable face and voice, they make my job too easy.

    austin family photographers in austin ziem photography

    I loved Mom’s wardrobe planning. She kept it very comfortable, timeless, and tasteful. Very forward thinking of her which meant the kids had zero complaints, everyone could move freely, and these photos will sit in any frame year-round without screaming “HOLLA-DAYS!”. And I love how Meghan, like most clients, was not afraid to text me a photo of an individual piece or the outfit as a whole for feedback.

    austin family photographers in austin ziem photography

    Sometimes you don’t need a creative way to add personality to photos; just insert two great parents, add a touch of grace here, and a dash of fun kids there. I’m so glad I finally got to photograph this bunch and I sure hope it won’t be the last time! But first, baby aspirin :)

    austin family photographers in austin ziem photography

  • Austin Family Photographer - The Larsen Family

  • austin family photographers in austin ziem photography


    I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and 2016! A bit late to the party, but I’ve really enjoyed laying low the past few weeks with my family. Now that we are all back on a normal routine – school, activities, exercise, beauty regimen – I’m excited to share all of the beautiful memories I created for my families.

    Not only is my first family so stylish and sweet, but pretty darn smart and incredible. Parents are high school sweethearts who survived their collegiate years oceans apart! These California transplants have the two most stunning children with to-die-for gorgeous eyes and swoon-worthy platinum blonde hair. I made sure to capture Big Sister’s curled locks and precious outfit + Little Brother’s newest accessory, their Australian Shepherd Molly. She is a charming, well-behaved dog who hit the jackpot when she scored this awesome family. As if that wasn’t enough, these parents have also taught their kids their native languages – Portuguese and Danish. What amazing little family!

    austin family photographers in austin ziem photography

    If my first post of is indication of the year ahead, I’m super excited for a bigger, better year and all that is in store!



  • Austin Family & Maternity Photographer - The Smiths

  • One of Austin photographer Ziem’s greatest joys is working with repeat customers over the years, like the Smith family.

    austin family photographers in austin ziem photography

    When our favorite Austin family and maternity photographer first worked with the Smiths two years ago, big brother G was just about eight months old. What fun it was this go-round to see him show off his new but not-so-little partner in crime.

    austin family photographers in austin ziem photography

    Ziem carefully recreated shots she’d done with these doting parents and their charismatic son at their initial shoot, yet another fun advantage of working with the same photographer over time. Check out these side-by-side comparisons, a tangible reminder of how quickly time really does fly.

    austin family photographers in austin ziem photography

    Ziem adores working with families like the Smiths throughout the years and sharing a relationship that allows her to capture these meaningful shots. How lucky is this little guy to have such fun-loving parents and a brother with a larger-than-life personality and love?

    austin family photographers in austin ziem photography austin family photographers in austin ziem photography

    Want to create your own family memories, just in time for holiday card season? Contact Ziem at today to schedule your fall mini-session.

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  • Austin Family Photographer - Three's Company

  • It’s so easy when planning a family photography session to get caught up in coordinating outfits and perfectly polished children (#hahaha), but the best part of Austin family photographer Ziem’s job is capturing those real moments that become a part of a family’s story. To that end, it just doesn’t get any more real – or really, really fun – than these boisterous three siblings, a true party of three.

    austin family photographers mini session ziem photography

    The different personalities of this party parade became evident as Ziem worked with them. First up was sweet, sporty big brother P, who had completed his first triathlon earlier in the day – at age five, no less!

    austin family photographers mini session ziem photography

    E, the middle sister, brought her special brand of mischievous fun, posing as if she was breaking and entering into a barn. As one does on most Austin family photography shoots, right?

    austin family photographers mini session ziem photography

    Finally little sister C got her chance to shine while big brother and sister took a brief but much needed break, her happy demeanor making for one happy photographer and some beautiful shots.
    austin family photographers mini session ziem photography

    This family runs a party house, and it’s the kind everyone wants to be the part of. We won’t name names, but from the one sibling rolling around boudoir-style on a blanket to the next displaying her rule-breaking skills larceny style, Ziem just loved telling this family’s story – when she could stop laughing from all the fun she had, that is.

    Time to book those holiday card shots! Mini-session spaces are filling up quickly, so get yours ASAP – contact Ziem at for details!

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  • Austin Fall Mini Sessions 2015


    austin mini sessions family photographers ziem photography

    Hello Austin! It’s that time of year to start thinking about our wardrobe and holiday card ideas.

    My first round of mini sessions sold out in 24 hours. New times have been added.

    I look forward to hearing from you, old and new!

    How does a mini session differ from a full session?
    A regular photo session with Ziem Photography runs sixty to ninety minutes in length at the location of your choice whereas mini sessions are conducted at a specific location chosen by the photographer lasting twenty minutes.

    May I book multiple mini sessions together?
    You may book two or more consecutive sessions.

    What is the cost of a mini session and what does it include?
    Each mini session is $195 and includes a phone consultation to discuss wardrobe, location, and meeting details, a twenty-minute session, an online gallery of 30+ images for proofing, sharing and ordering, and five downloadable high-resolution images of your choosing + print release and a FB timeline cover. Additional images or prints are 20% off for four weeks.

    How do I sign up for a mini session?
    Contact Ziem at 850.319.4591 or send a note to with your preferred date and time slot (availability below) and submit a $75 non-refundable deposit.

    What happens after the session?
    Within two weeks of the session date, you will receive proofs for previewing and ordering. From there, you will have the opportunity to select five images for downloading and purchase additional digital negatives + prints at 20% off.

    Available times:

    Saturday, November 7th

    • 4:20-4:40PM A. Wimberly
    • 4:45-5:05PM L. Larsen
    • 5:10-5:30PM B. DeMartino
    • 5:35-5:55PM L. Aseron

    Sunday, November 8th

    • 4:10-4:30PM L. Burnett
    • 4:35-4:55PM M. Brandl
    • 5:00-5:20PM C. Renteria
    • 5:20-5:40PM B. Robles

    Saturday, November 21st (UT Bye week)

    • 4:10-4:30PM K. Krukewitt
    • 4:35-4:55PM M. Agnese
    • 5:10-5:20PM M. Kirsch
    • 5:25-5:45 M. Trevino


    Please contact me to reserve your spot today!