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Take a cue from this gorgeous duo who found a dreamy (while lacking sleep) way of soaking in new baby bliss and beating the heat in Austin, TX. I’ve shared many intimate moments with my families over the years, but these milk bath photos are the very definition of delight. It gives off a spa-like, luxe feel with a few pretty details. I love the feminine lace dress, simple hair, the colorful flowers, and that satiny tub which I swear was made for milk-bathing.

milk bath photos ziem photography

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Family Photography Austin | Chicago Love and Mermaid Tails

I got to work with this family last year when Philip and Desiree announced her pregnancy with Baby #5. It was a privilege to be a part of a very special time in their new life in Austin. You can check out that story here: Family Photography Austin.

When the Lynches’ last child and 4th daughter (!!!) was born, she was nicknamed “Fin” for Finale. I’ll never forget the girls’ incredible reactions to the news. You can bet those trumpets were blaring for “Encore” when he arrived in April. He is now Ellis Bond, 3 months, and just as cute as a Chicago Cub. 

Family Photography Austin Newborn Lifestyle Photographers Ziem 

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