Celebrating Existence

February is super special to me because I get to celebrate my husband’s birthday and we also get to celebrate our joining as a couple. Much like wine, my darling just keeps getting better with age. So, as a token of my appreciation for the continuation of his existence and the love from a man I adore, I gave Milan a birthaversary month this year. Did you hear that, Internet? One. Entire (short) month. I surprised him with a few small gifts throughout the month, let him beat me in the No Tiger Cocktail Shrimp Left Behind Contest, I granted him his only birthday wish which involved my taking a suggested course of action that he feels would be of benefit to my business, and tonight at dinner I did not steal any of his food.

February has been a wonderful month. I survived rolling blackouts in Austin (in effort to conserve energy during the coldest week in Austin history the city shut off our electricity from 6:00am-2:00pm, restoring it for 6 mins every 45 mins), managed to board my flight for a spontaneous trip a mere two hours before the airport shut down and made it to FL in time for Tulsi’s first Vietnamese New Year, chopped off 2″ of my boring mane, found an ultra-trendy optometrist, and enjoyed a wonderful dinner and lounging at The W with my favorite girls in Austin.

Good bye February I am sad to see you go.

I never take off my wedding band, but just this once..
St. Thomas, USVI

I also share an anniversary weekend with two couples whose relationship I truly admire and hold in high regard. Love to my aunt and uncle, AN+TN (18 years), and cousins, HB+NB (5 years). Congrats to them as well.


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