Shooting for Success, Part 3: How to Dress for Holiday Cards, Neutrals ed.

Today’s post is the third in our ongoing “Shooting for Success” series, intended to help you get the most fabulous Austin family photos possible. Check out our first installment on holiday card fashion here and our second on holiday card trends (complete with three FREE card templates) here.


Show of hands – who remembers those matchy-matchy holiday card outfits of yore, the ones that included identical white shirts & Mom Jeans on everyone, not just Mom?


[sample photos redacted to protect the innocent]


For those of us who are old grew up traumatized by the Olan Mills school of holiday photos, the recent family photography trend of coordinating colorful outfits that aren’t identical – and identically unflattering in photos – is a relief. How then to incorporate fashion’s latest trendy neutrals without falling back into the dread matchy-matchy zone?

Thankfully our chic photographer-in-chief Ziem is here to advise us, handpicking some of her recent neutral favorites with textures and accessory accents that pop on camera:

neutral holiday fashion

Modern winter whites are more subtle than the identical polos of our holiday card past. Mix in different textures and trendy gold, grey, or black to break up the look, or take a walk on the wild side & add a pair of leopard flats.

Not an unfortunate Mom Jean in sight, right? For those of you still just too traumatized by matching polo shirts past, however, stay tuned for next Monday’s tutorial on updating traditional holiday colors for your photo wardrobe . . .

ziem photography | contributor