Austin Photography Mini Sessions 2017 – Time to Book!

It’s time to book your Austin Photography Mini Sessions! These are great for families wanting a full session’s work in half the shooting time. Pricing for October is $325, November is $350 and December is $375. Book now! austin photography mini sessions

What are the dates and times of the 2017 Austin Photography Mini Sessions?

Sun 9/24 – SW Austin
5:50PM Nasreen Sh.
6:30PM Kristen Po.
6:50PM Angela Mc.

Sun 10/8 – SW Austin (rain date: Mon 10/9, a school holiday)
7:50AM Eliza Mc.
8:10AM Amy Sw.
8:30AM Elizabeth Br.
5:40PM Bonnie Ne.
6:00PM Shannon De.
6:20PM Kathryn Mc.
6:40PM Kirstin Br.

Sun 10/15 – SW Austin
5:40PM Elizabeth Mu.
6:00PM Franco
6:20PM Franco

Sat 10/21 – SW Austin (rain date: 11/4)
5:30PM Kristin Ca.
5:50PM Krystle Al.
6:10PM Lauren Bu.

Sun 10/22 – Central Austin
9:50AM Caroline Sm.
10:10AM Jenny Su.
10:30AM Angela Mu.
10:50AM Desha Ro.
11:20AM Alexandra Sh.

Sun 10/22 – SW Austin (rain date: 11/5)
5:30PM Michelle Br.
5:50PM Meredith Tr.
6:10PM Melissa Ag.
6:30PM Arden Wi.

Sat 10/28 – SW Austin (rain date: 11/4)
8:05AM Allison Fa.
8:25AM Natalie Ke.

Sat 10/29 – SW Austin
8:10AM Luisa Im.
8:30AM Paige Da.

Sun 10/29 – SW Austin (rain date: 11/3)
5:20PM Beggs Ne.
5:40PM Allison An.
6:00PM Allison An.
6:20PM Stephanie Ow.

Mon 10/30 – SW Austin
5:20-5:40PM Heidi Hi.
5:40-6:00PM Sheriden Wi.
6:00-6:20PM Angela Mu.

Sun 11/5 – Downtown Austin
4:40-5:00PM Sheriden Wi.
5:00-5:20PM Ashley Ka.

Wed 11/15 Central Austin *new date*
4:15PM Meghan So.

Sat 11/18 SW Austin (rain date: 11/19)
7:20 Chelsea Cu.
7:40AM Lynn Bo.
8:00AM Carrie De.
8:20AM Leigh Ho.
4:00PM Andy De.
4:20PM Heather Sh.
4:40PM Kristina Cl.
5:00PM Lyra Po.
5:20PM Cheryl Ga.

Fri 11/24 – Downtown

Sat 11/25 – Central Austin

Mon 11/27 – Downtown
4:30PM Sheriden Wi.

Tue 11/28 – Downtown
4:30 Shelley Ba.

Sun 12/3 – Central Austin

Wed 12/6 
4:20-4:40PM Christie Sc.

Send a note to to be added to the wait list for new dates.

austin photography mini sessions powell SW Austin Location

How do Austin Photography Mini Sessions differ from a full session? A regular photo session starts at $595, runs sixty minutes in length at the location of your choosing, and includes a minimum of 45 digital negatives. A mini session is $350, lasts twenty minutes at a location chosen by the photographer, and includes 10 digital negatives of your choosing. You may also purchase additional files.
What is the cost of Austin Photography Mini Session and what does it include? Mini session pricing is $350 and includes a phone consultation upon request by client, twenty minutes of unlimited capture by two photographers, online gallery with 25+ images for proofing, sharing and ordering and ten downloadable high-resolution images of your choosing + print release. Pricing will increase for mini sessions in November.
How do I sign up for an Austin Photography Mini Session? Email, text, or call Ziem at 850.319.4591 with your preferred date and time. It is helpful to also include a second option. Reservations will be held for 2 hours from time of confirmation by photographer. Please be prepared to submit a non-refundable payment in full via PayPal or VenMo thereafter.
Is there an alternate plan for inclement weather? A back up date is listed for sessions taking place in SW Austin. Please also reserve this time when submitting your non-refundable reservation. Sessions in Central Austin will move indoors in the event of rain – back up date not necessary.
What happens next?

Within two weeks of the session date, you will receive proofs for previewing and ordering. From there, you will have the opportunity to select ten images for downloading and purchase additional digital negatives. You can expect to have your files within two to three weeks of the session date.

austin photography mini sessions powellCentral Austin Session Location

Book Now – or 850.319.4591

austin photography mini sessions