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I want to help my clients achieve the most successful session possible.  The big question I am often asked is “What should we wear for our family photos?” Finding the perfect ensemble can be easy with proper planning.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding on what to wear for a family session. Think carefully about the intended purpose of the photos and dress accordingly. Will the images hang on a wall, print on a card, and or be used on your blog or online? The environment in which the photos will end up is a huge factor when deciding what to wear.

If a print will be enlarged on canvas in the formal living room, for example, you may opt for a more stately or elegant look. A combination of black, white, grey and beige is timeless. You can strategically add bold accents using a tie, scarf or jewelry.

Maybe you are a multi-generational family shoot and have plans to drop an image into a pre-selected template? If so, the entire group should mull over colors and looks together to maintain harmony. This will also ensure the photo fits into the existing design cohesively.

If your website is heavily patterned, take the safe route and opt for solid colors so as not to clash with your background or pages. Add layering pieces such as cardigans and chunky jewelry for interest.

Avoid having children wear anything itchy or so uncomfortable that they cannot move freely. The purpose of the shoot is to relax, have fun, run, play, laugh, and give your photographer the most genuine expressions.

I can’t emphasize the importance of this enough – have everyone try on everything in advance. When everyone feels great and can relax, it really shows in photos.

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austin family child newborn photographer ziem photography