Austin Lifestyle Photographer || Classic, Timeless and Chic

I have to be candid for a moment and admit something huge : as an austin lifestyle photographer, I’ve never actually seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s. If you’ve been following my work for some time, you’d know that, yes, this is my third or fourth session inspired by this classic film. How is this possible? There is something about televisions – as soon as I get comfortable and watch a movie or show, I fall asleep.  
austin lifestyle photographer aseron
Our modern-day Austin adaptation, however, has me bright-eyed this morning. Little Stella was magic come to life in an outfit planned to perfection by her sweet Aunt Ally. I can’t think of anything more aesthetically significant than a black dress, satin gloves and tiara. Shooting in our downtown condo against the exposed brick helped create a timeless and chic feel.

austin lifestyle photographer aseron ziem photography breakfast at tiffanys
I grow to adore this lady a little more with every shoot, even when I think it’s not possible! Especially on a day like today when this Unicorn Princess shows her strength and ability to sparkle and glow no matter the circumstance. We love you, Stella!
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