The Greatest Teachers of My Life

It is so true “the days are long but the years are short”. I can’t believe Zara starts Mommy’s Day Out next week and Tulsi starts her last year of Montessori Preschool. Where did time go?

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This was one of those rare days that Dad would be missing dinner so I figured the girls could use a distraction. Here is one of my favorites from our impromptu back-to-school session yesterday. It was entertaining to execute this all on my own say the least.

As I watch my girls learn, think, talk and grow, I realize they are observing the way we do the same. They learn more from what we are are than what we teach; Tulsi has Daddy’s discipline and thrives with direction, structure and order whereas Zara loves being social (so long as she gets a big block of time for decompressing after) and loves a great reason to laugh. These girls are my heart.