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Take a cue from this gorgeous duo who found a dreamy (while lacking sleep) way of soaking in new baby bliss and beating the heat in Austin, TX. I’ve shared many intimate moments with my families over the years, but these milk bath photos are the very definition of delight. It gives off a spa-like, luxe feel with a few pretty details. I love the feminine lace dress, simple hair, the colorful flowers, and that satiny tub which I swear was made for milk-bathing.

milk bath photos ziem photography

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Livingston is as cute as they come! He is the happiest, smiliest, and calmest 5-month-old I know. I couldn’t believe it when Lindsey told me as the shoot was ending that her little guy was feeling a little under the weather. Seems like maybe there could be a way to keep him little. And loving these photography sessions just as much. 

 milk bath photos ziem photography
We all know motherhood will be full of beautiful moments. That’s an obvious given. Every mom goes the extra mile and pours so much heart and soul (and milk) into her family. I think it’s safe to say milk bath photos = mission accomplished. It was so nice to give Lindsey a piece of this fleeting moment to hold on to for posterity and cherish forever. Lindsey, I adore you! Thanks for trusting me with this project. I’ll treasure these images almost as much as you will – for many years to come.

What special time in your family’s life would you love captured? Contact Ziem for your very own milk bath photos – or 850.319.4591.

milk bath photos