{austin photographer} video bio

Over a year ago, I sought out several videographers to help me produce an online video that would allow me to connect directly with prospective clients in a personal way. After an unsuccessful attempt or two, my multi-talented friend Marta, film director, producer, and editor, approached me about the exact thing I was needing.

{Sidenote: As I type this post, my dear friend is enroute to Italy to accept the NociCortinfestival Award – so much hugs and love to her wherever in the world she is right now!! Check out her amazing work when you get a chance: http://www.sandboxhero.com}

She and another very talented friend, Hugh, followed me during a wedding last fall to bring you some behind-the-scene action and later did some interviewing which further proves I belong BEHIND the camera and never IN FRONT. I had so much fun creating this. Hope you all enjoy!

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