Austin Family Photography Review

Wow! I’m at a loss for words. Not only do I get to wake up each day chasing my dream job and doing what I love for the most incredible clients and friends – I also get repaid with the sweetest compliments.

I felt compelled to share this latest review from my awesome friend and client. Her darling little angels are no stranger to the blog; in fact, they must be the least unfamiliar to anyone who has been following my work since 2011 when I got to photograph big brother for the first time.



austin-family-photographer-MA-05 austin-family-photographer-MA-06

“We work with Ziem because the is the magic trifecta of family photographers – she puts us at ease in front of the camera, she carefully listens to what we want out of a shoot, and her eye for a good shot is second to none.

When I say “puts us at ease” in front of the camera, I mean making my husband & me, two of the least photo-inclined, publicity seeking persons ever, consider voluntarily stepping in front of a lens without the assistance of tequila. True, I’ve had the good fortune to know Ziem as a friend too, but in both her professional & personal capacity she just has a knack for making people forget the camera is there. Ok, almost forget – for my husband & I to completely forget there would need to be said tequila involved, but with Ziem’s assistance we get as close as we can while sober. My kids, less inclined to tequila *fingers crossed*, absolutely adore Ziem too, and behave in a magical way for her sans the tantrums & such they apparently reserve for my husband & me. Not only do they usually look in the same direction for her, they do it while smiling, a parenting double-double rarely seen in nature.

We also love that Ziem listens so closely to what clients want. My husband & I prefer more candid, less posed shots with a minimum of props, for example, and Ziem always delivers on that. We happen to prefer a holiday card photo with just the kids – remember what I said about our being really, really awkward on camera? – and this year Ziem exceeded our wildest hopes with some gorgeous shots of our two minis. 

One of Ziem’s special superpowers, though, is that she can adapt given each client’s tastes. Her trademarks are consistent with every shoot – excellent use of natural light & capturing the personality of her subjects, for starters – but she can shift styles and shots depending on what the clients want. It’s a flexibility I’ve not encountered before with a photographer & just goes to show how talented she is.

Finally, we love to work with Ziem because of her flawless taste level & eye for a good shot. Not only will she provide the shots we ask for, she’ll provide shots we didn’t even realize we wanted until we saw them. A number of those moments are now framed & hanging in my house – and those are the items I’ll take with me in a fire. She creates not just beautiful work but heirloom-quality works I’ll pass down one day.”


Thanks, Melissa! I couldn’t ask for a better friend, Mommy Mafia, amazing contributor, dream client, fashion advisor, and shopping enabler. xoxox


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