Sleep and Peek

Human alarms don’t believe in weekends. And they she expects no less, spare no mercy when the husband is away. I attempted to hit the snooze at 5:00AM by putting her in my bed then I was abruptly roused from sleep when I overheard her in the bathroom using the only available light for reading. I think that act officially stripped me from “Mother of the Year”.

Nothing gets between my baby and her books. Or me and my baby. Not even sleep! We did what girls do at 5:00AM; we hung out. She eventually succumbed to tiredness and I snuck in a little work before the YWA breakfast followed by another downtown engagement session later today. Cannot wait!!

Speaking of early mornings and Austin engagement sessions, I met this fun, adorable, vivacious couple on a very early morning several days ago. I have known Sang and Jessi for quite some time but I never got to really hang out with them until recently. So glad I did. Super delightful couple. No caffeine required.

Have a wonderful weekend! I hope it is full of rest.

xo Zzzz’s

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