Austin Engagement Portraits: Carolina & Bert

On the seventh day of Christmas, Santa gave to me a couple’s love a-brimming.


A mother and daughter gazing.
Young lady graduating.
Four all aglow.
Three big grins.
Tender sister love.
and a branch full of purple berries.



I met with Carolina and Bert on South Congress for their engagement session this fall and had a great time getting to know them before their big day. When I asked the lovely couple how they met, Bert was first to respond. He claimed they had been teaching at the same school for quite some time and both happened attend the same conference. Carolina noticed him immediately and rather than approaching him she made her presence so obvious he could not miss her! Now- this is usually the part where brides refute the validity of the first meeting. Nope. Not this one. She unabashedly retorted, “Yes, after a few days he finally noticed me!” I loved her honesty. This is how I know their marriage will be of longstanding!

And I found out they love Hall & Oates as much as we do. What’s there not to love about this duo?