More Than Mom

Today I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. Today I also celebrate the women who inspire me or have helped me become the Mom I am today. Most of these are moms, one is an expectant mother, a few look forward to being a mom someday soon, one is raising a child alone after the loss of a partner, one is a foster parent, and a handful with no desire to become a mother. These are: my amazing mother, who I appreciate more than ever now that I am a mom; my beautiful sisters, for loving me and my little family unconditionally; my sweet grandmothers for rearing my parents; my wonderful aunts and cousins, another form of Mom and Sister; my girl friends, old and new, rare gems I truly adore; and my nephew’s mom, the one who raises my late brother’s only son alone. You ladies help me to grow as a person every day. Tulsi and I appreciate you. Thank you all for the overwhelming warm wishes and messages. I’m sorry I couldn’t get back to everyone but know that they were well received and I wish you the best in return.

And to my dear hubby and darling daughter, thank you for allowing me to experience the new dimension in emotion and for making my first year of motherhood such a joy.

Can hear the angels playing trumpets on that one? *Sappy*¬†Happy Mother’s Day! xo


Brunch at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin

Side note: This week Tulsi had her first visit to the Westlake ER
and she started walking. Never a dull moment in the Malkani home!!