Shark Week

Greetings from Florida. No, I haven’t been here for three weeks; I left after the 4th of July reunion, I spent a week in California and now I am back again. While being a beach bum I find it hard to write anything worth reading…but here are a few fragmental thoughts I thought worth sharing.

  • Florida humidity makes it nigh impossible for several important things to work, namely camera lens, sunglasses, nail polish. It is also taking a number on my skin.
  • Chatted with my husband who is working in Austin this week while we are in the steam bath that is Florida and after walking two blocks downtown after work to grab a bite, the heat index was so high “it made his skin dry”. I don’t know what that means but the grass is greener {and sand is whiter} on my side.
  • I got to meet an amazing bunch from Texas/Arizona/Oklahoma for photographs earlier this week and I cannot wait to share them with you!
  • I watched my first ever episode of Jersey Shore last night and maybe five minutes was not long enough to count {or judge} but I bet I could get acrylic nails, a bad tan job and get paid $30k/episode.
  • Tulsi, now 14 months, has a 30+ word vocab and I am proud to say we have added a few Vietnamese words and commands this week. Go Tulsi!
  • I know I have neglected this blog as of late but unfortunately most of the jobs I have been commissioned to do these past few months are not shareable. I do have a many exciting weddings this fall and I promise you’ll be in for a treat.

Happy Friday. Have a great weekend.