Neiri Family

I had the pleasure of photographing the Neiris in their lovely Sunset Valley home. It had been a few months since I’ve had the opportunity to do family portraits so I was very much looking forward to this one. Carly requested images of her daughter and husband interacting with one another and she wanted it done soon before Juliana started crawling and we were not able to keep up. What would you know…from the time the session was booked to the morning I arrived, someone had learned how to crawl and started cutting teeth! Juliana was not her bright and cheery self that morning (as per mom and dad) but she was never fussy at all. She looked so sweet in her little outfits, especially the purple dress and blanket handmade by Carly’s mother.

Thanks, Carly and Phil, for having me over. I enjoyed spending the morning with you all and look forward to one-year photos in the fall!