Must Haves for the Beach

I have had a lot of down time this month and thoroughly enjoying it. Tulsi has been super social and active lately and it nice not having any major commitments while Jacob is visiting. And then we’re back on a plane next week to meet our family for a sun-filled reunion on the beach! We have spent four out of the last five 4th of July weekends together, all 65+ of us, so I am anticipating all the good times that will be had eating, beaching and dancing. For reasons unexplainable, I’m pretty neurotic when packing for a trip; I plan weeks prematurely and I start packing about 5-7 days prior to take off. Furthermore, little travelers need a magnitude of little stuff so I already feel as though I am behind. Goodness. Allow me to share the first few things that came to mind for our first trip of the summer season..

1. Book / 2. Accessories / 3. Polish / 4. Music

1. My girlfriends have commended The Help by Kathryn Scott and so I have been dying to complete my latest read so that I can begin this one. At the risk of sounding like a weirdo, I have to admit that I really get into an author’s much that I feel like I am conversing with the writer or the fictional characters. Reckon that is exactly what being full-time mommy and working late hours alone from home will do to a person who was very social in her past life. Book club, anyone?

2. I can’t decide if these would be more appropriate for church, for the reunion, or for my ride along the beach {on a bike I’ve stolen from one of my sisters} but any pair of earrings designed by one of Austin’s favorite trendsetters, Kendra Scott, will definitely make any woman summer vacation ready.

3. This is a great color of polish that is pretty versatile with any color outfit or make-up. I grew tired of the almost-black look after having worn it for over five years, but I love impact so this color is just perfect.

4. We started music classes with Tulsi earlier this month so this “Music Together” CD is constantly playing in the car, in the house and in my head — and we love it. In fact, during what will probably be our last road trip for a very long time, this music was the only thing that could keep her calm and happy in between her near manic episodes after she was just done with being confined to her car seat. I won’t be leaving home without this one!


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