Kim and Dustin are Tying the Knot!

There are some couples who do not need encouragement for a little kissy-kissy in front of the camera. Such is the case with the lovely two I had the fortune and grace to shoot most recently.

I could tell by the tone of Kim’s initial e-mail to me that this was going to be an exciting afternoon shoot. Kelly from All About Diamonds, who also helped my husband with my engagement ring, pointed Kim in my direction for engagement photos. Anyone Kelly would recommend is immediately my kind of bride. Kim & Dustin turned out to be my kind of couple. The warm connection they share is so incredible a brutally hot summer day in Austin couldn’t scare them from having fun or dancing. I was solicited for save the date photo ideas and after hearing “country chic” I immediately suggested “rope” and “tie the knot”. So glad Kim loved the idea of playing on words. It turned out to be the perfect prop after all.

Engagement portrait sessions are my absolute favorite. Nothing beats the enthusiasm and bliss of a newly engaged couple. I always have fun and in this case I came quite close to having too much fun. Kim and Dustin, I hope you enjoy your engagement party in Dallas. Can’t wait to get together again when we trash the dress!!