Happy Hump Day

Several days before Tulsi’s first big fall {and in case you haven’t heard resulted in a big boo boo for her and no Mother of the Year Award for me} I found the perfect back drop for a modern vintage themed birthday shoot. As I patiently waited for the boo boo to naturally heal literally the most suitable vintage prop jumped off an Etsy storefront and rocked on over to Austin in time for the big shoot, a shoot big enough to warrant a test session in the stifling heat Monday. I returned bright and early Tuesday morning ready with my suitable prop and willing model, and Internet would you believe it– there were guys tearing down the last few bits of the set. I was a little sad but thanks to my photo motivators, J & A, we improvised at a different location on South Congress.

I am an advocate of alleviating the Hump Day Slump or The Sads with caffeine. Consider this the written equivalent of your favorite expresso… double shot.

Test session on Monday.

Impromptu session on Tuesday