Here For The Cake

My birthdays, like wine, seem to get better with age. I try to do something different with each passing year so to jump start the last of my twenties, I enjoyed an exclusive painting lesson with some of my favorite gals in Austin. We treated ourselves to snacks, wine, champagne, my favorite-Pimp My Cupcake Bar, and since we were painting an Austin scene I thought we should keep the party favor in line with an Austin Bath Salt Bar. The day was complete after dinner with the family and a mini-happy hour in between.

I happen to be looking forward to 29–last year of my twenties. Work momentum is up, three fun trips on the calendar, motherhood is merely getting easier and that I will soon be pump-free (2 weeks and counting) almost moves me to call on the girls for a post-birthday celebration.

A side, but noteworthy mention, my husband picked out some very nice shoes and his brother thought about getting me a Clarisonic until my sister told him I already had the system. I was so impressed, who would’ve thought I was surrounded by such savvy men. I would ask my daughter what she has done with her Daddy and Uncle but I am the least bit concerned so as long as she keeps them away.

Many thanks to Marta, host extra-extraordinaire, and my amazing husband for his relentless efforts with the cupcakes. Thanks, also, to everyone who helped me celebrate and for all the warm wishes. I felt the love. What a day.

Kids-If you eat your veggies you will grow to be this tall, just like me!