Celebrating Fatherhood

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there! May you all enjoy the most important job you will ever be given – Daddy, Grandpa, Uncle, Brother. Lots of love to my daddy for the gift of life, my late grandfathers who I miss dearly, my late brother for the most loving and precious nephew and my husband and father-in-law for being so wonderful to baby Tulsi and me.

Tonight, with the help of my brothers-in-law, we cooked an Indian feast for both Milan and Pops. My eight year old nephew, Jacob, {who has summered with me since the passing of his father} not only helped entertain the baby while we cooked but he helped with the dishes. As I type this blog entry he is sitting next to me watching a documentary on ants. It is at moments like these that I miss my brother and my grandfathers terribly; but I’m sure that somewhere out there they are proudly watching their son and great-grandson. Together.