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Birthing photography of a precious new one presents a special challenge for photographers. First & foremost, just getting to the shoot in time for baby’s delivery isn’t a given. Ziem was packed and ready to go when she received mama Jenna’s text from the hospital. However, baby decided to make an early appearance. Baby and Jenna’s epidural dose arrived simultaneously! birthing photography austin tx

birthing photography austin tx ziem photography

In addition to the uncertain timing, the setting of most birthing photography provides another test for photographers. Between the harsh hospital lighting, the small spaces of the average room, and the private nature of many newborn moments, it takes a special photographer to get shots both flattering to mom and new baby. Luckily Ziem was more than up to the task, though this sweet bunch made it as easy as could be for her. Jenna, glammed up for this special occasion complete with hairdo & makeup, glowed!

birthing photography austin tx ziem photography

Ziem’s birthing photography philosophy is to emphasize the beautiful parts of the birthing process while recognizing that some moments are private. She captures those exciting moments of early life, including baby getting weighed, measured, nursing, and meeting siblings.

birthing photography austin tx ziem photography
The older Simpson kids proved to be incredibly sweet and well behaved. This is no surprise given their equally sweet parents, but it made for an extra-special shoot nevertheless.

birthing photography austin tx ziem photography

Ziem loved capturing these fleeting moments for Jenna! These first shots as a family of seven are particularly priceless and will make timeless family keepsakes. Seventh heaven indeed!


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