Baptism in Florida

We just returned from a nice trip to Florida where baby got to meet family for the first time. It was so good to be home again and have my mom and sisters within arms reach as it afforded us some extra sleep time. Tulsi was definitely spoiled after having been held and loved so much for an entire week. I was very sad the day we had to take her away. The most important part of our trip was having her baptized in the same church where I grew up, and received my baptism, first communion and confirmation. Thanks to everyone who made it out to celebrate the christening of our daughter!

Just in case you’re wondering..there were no tar balls on the beach. We did not make it into the ocean but we managed to enjoy a gorgeous sunset.

I have several photos to share for now. More from my mini-sessions to follow. We are already missing everyone back home and we cannot wait for our next visit.

Baby Tulsi receiving the grace of baptism.

Four generations!

Me, baby and our godmothers.

Our amazing families.

No more “original sin”!