10 Days of Sharing: Mommy Playdate Cards

Tonight, accompanied by my bridesmaids, Kelley and Rebecca, I attended a private tasting at Cork & Co, “Sip With A Sommelier”, where we were greeted with sparkling wine & a pair of Michele Leiser Designs earrings. The night only got better as we launched obvious relish in two different Riojas, a Granache, an Albariño and a port.  Each wine was paired with goodness – notably the chocolate cake balls with gorgonzola cheese. I think that after tonight I may have to forgo sugary confection until Christmas morning. It looks like Santa can keep his milk and cookies after all.


Speaking of all things social, we made friends with a little family at Whole Foods last week and because I ran out of business cards, we had to go the traditional route of pulling out cell phones to exchange information. Inspired by this impromptu dinner and meeting, I thought what better way to arrange Operation Wear Out Tot than with chic Mommy Cards? No more digging for a cell phone or piece of scrap paper while a child makes a beeline for the parking lot. A must have for busy parents without looking too please-talk-to-me-again-I-need-adult-interaction-outside-of-home-or-I-may-go-stir-crazy. Not that I ever feel that way. Nope. And for kids like Tulsi with an entrepreneurial spirit and endeavor to start his or her first business by age five, these can be used as business cards for wee execs, too.

Basic Photoshop skills required, however I am happy to help the first 10 moms with file set up . Send me your photo to info at ziemphotography dot com. To download the free template: Get Your Jingle Bells Ringing Right


Above Prettiness courtesy of fellow Mama Mafia and Smug Mom + Lifestyle Blogger Extraordinaire

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