Happy, Happy Friendaversary!!

Kelley and I met on the set of a fashion shoot…..


Now that I’m typing this statement, I recall very distant memories of our fun nights downtown when we were asked by friends and strangers, “How did you two meet?”. {Apparently it is not often a vertically-challenged Asian woman and statuesque red-headed woman peacefully co-exist.} Kell and I would instigate a guessing game in which we would we would allow said persons five chances to guess how we met or pay the price of ten push-ups. No one in the history of Z & Kell ever managed to guess in five tries. End tangent.

The opportunity to chat did not present itself during our initial meeting so technically our friendship budded over a glass of wine on 2nd street several days later {doesn’t it always? I will save all the fun adventures that ensued the years following for another post or never}. This also happened to be the same year I attended eight weddings and two baby showers so to celebrate US, we decided on the anniversary of our meeting we would celebrate our first and hopefully annual Friendaversary. As a homage to the elixir that brought us together we hired a chauffeur made my soberaholic, teetotal husband to drive us to four different wineries to satiate our appetite for wine & cheese and bust a little impromptu pop princess karaoke during the rides in between.

Kell and I have matured so much (translate: a lot less young, single but still very much appreciative of grapes} – yeah – we now prefer the spa. Last year we went to Lake Austin Spa Resort and this year we went to Spa on the Lake.

Post-Facial, Post-Massage, Post-Eucalyptus Shower
Spa on the Lake, 2011

Next year we are going back to Lake Austin Spa Resort where the use of an elegant Balinese-inspired pool lounge area in plush cotton spa robes after a calming steam bath is strongly advised.

A little TLC for our tattered tootsies
Lake Austin Spa Resort, 2010



I hope this inspires YOU to grab a friend, one you may get to see often {but not enough}, and have some one-on-one with one of your best friends.

Happy Friendaversary, my fabulous friend and bridesmaid!! Cheers to another year of friendship, spa days and great wine. Love you.

xo, Z