Helping Wildfire Victims Build New Memories

As my husband and I watched the local news coverage of the devastation caused by the wildfires in Central Texas last month, we were struck by both the magnitude of the destruction and the equally generous outpouring of support from the local community. We couldn’t believe how many acres were damaged, how many homes lost, how many lives affected just a short distance from our home. We imagined what those families had gone through, having to evacuate their homes on a moment’s notice, only able to take a few essentials. We couldn’t help but wonder what we would we do if we had to evacuate our home, with the knowledge that everything we leave behind could go up in smoke? My first thought after my family was safe was to grab my hard drive and salvage the precious memories preserved in the photos I have collected throughout the years. I couldn’t help but think of all the photographs and albums destroyed, the generations of memories lost. And then it hit me—I have the unique opportunity as a photographer to help rebuild these families’ memories.

So I am pleased to share with you that I will be offering a free lifestyle photo session and photo package to those affected by the Central Texas Wildfires. In an effort to help as many families as possible, I invite you to support this undertaking by making a monetary contribution. All proceeds will go toward the cost of canvas and prints and in turn, I will match the amount of funds raised with the equivalent value of my services. Use the PayPal link below to make a quick and secure donation.

For consideration, please nominate a family, couple, or individual (self included) by relaying their story in 200 words or less. Deadline for submission is Tuesday, November 1st.

Despite the widespread damage the wildfires have caused, the numbers of deaths attributed to it are relatively low. So if the silver lining for the Wildfire victims is that their loved ones are safe, then that is what’s most important. It is my hope that bringing them together for a photo session will remind us all of that and capture the loving bond between them. My goal is to be able to present them with the completed photos by in time for the holiday season. Hope you can help spread the word and join me in giving the gift of photography. Together, we can create new memories for the Wildfire families, a beautifully framed treasure they can display in their future homes!