Austin Family Portraits: Judy & Co.

On the fourth day of Christmas, Santa gave to me four all aglow.

Three big grins.
Tender sister love.
and a branch full of purple berries.

About two months ago, I was contacted by Judy. She received a gift of a lifestyle session and print enlargement after having the highest bid for my item at the American Gateways Silent Auction. Judy wanted a motley crew of photos of herself, her husband, her son and his son. I took great pleasure in delivering such a request.

After an early morning session in north Austin this fall, I made way for home and stopped by Judy’s. Yes, she was literally a stones throw away. I was greeted by her wonderful husband, Roger, who invited me to the breakfast table to meet the rest of the bunch. I had a cup of coffee and we sat and we discussed good-Austin-living, Judy’s job, which shirt Roger should wear, Jimmy’s costume, and my big-fat-Catholic  family. I talk ad nauseum about my family, I’m sure. Following the fantastic breakfast of eggs, toast and OJ, Jimmy took me into the massive back yard and gave me a quick tour of his tree house. I immediately found an abundance of beautiful directional light which gave me this..







Shortly after, the family joined us for a few group shots, then Judy and Jimmy headed over to “The Talking Rock” in front of their home. It was a special place shared by the two where they could talk in private,  far from the house and nestled in the trees enough to offer Jimmy privacy he needed to confide in his grandmother. As they sat on the rock, I respected Jimmy’s privacy by standing in the road.


Not too long after here is how we found Jimmy in the road.

The love felt between this extraordinary bunch is clearly evident. I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with them.