7 Quick Takes

Joining the wonderful Jen on her weekly installments of 7 Quick Takes. Bloggers- Join in on the fun!

1. Two Life Changing Events that Have Nothing To Do With Each Other

I’m so behind on reading. The last time I was pregnant {did I mention I’m gestating a baby?}, I read Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, and so I thought about picking up another one of her controversial books, Atlas Shrugged, while I marinate. Any recommendations for summer reading? Note to reader: My brain cells are dwindling by the day so I will only read about shades of grey if by doing so I’ll improve my advanced color balance skill and technique in Photoshop.

2. Blue or Pink – Not Sure What I Think

We don’t know the gender of le bebe just yet, but it’s never too early to prop shop or begin storyboarding the newborn portrait session! Of course all I can hope for is a healthy, happy baby who will master sleeping through the night by week two, potty train by week three, recite the Constitution by week four, and learn to nurse ASAP without the help of that scary lactation consultant. I’m so excited Miss T will have a sibling; nothing compares to the bond and memories I’ve shared with my sisters and brothers. Would not trade them in the world for cupcakes.


3. When Friday Feels Like Monday

My husband and I got to enjoy an impromptu sushi date night on Monday, we saw “Ted” on Tuesday night, so by Wednesday morning, I woke up with a groove in my heart and decided I would give my husband two full days off. That meant taking care of managing all three meals, bathing, and bed time for our daughter for two full days. Did you hear that, Dear Internet? I’m Mom AND Wife of the Year. Now that the party is over for Hubby, I will live it up this weekend by killing myself in Barre class, couponing at Walgreens, and eating fried pickles during a cheesy chick flick.

4. Haute in Texas

There’s a brutal heat wave tearing through the US and if this summer will be anything like the last, I will have to get creative should I decide to leave the house. Miss T and I try to get out at least once a day to avoid going stir crazy. Any ideas for air-conditioned entertainment in Austin?

5. Ziem an Ill Fit For Cannibal Frenzy Attack

Each morning, the average woman uses a dozen products containing 160 chemicals to her body – all before coffee! It is recommended that 60% of our products are natural or organic. I’m racking it up in daily damage with just a mere 25% of which being organic. Yikes! How green is your beauty routine? Any tips on pairing down the necessities?

6. Pretty With The Witty

Melissa, no stranger to beauty and one of my favorite lifestyle and fashion bloggers at I Pick Pretty, kindly featured me on her site last week. Do me a favor by checking out her blog/ subscribe/like/buy her a handbag. You’ll be glad you did!

7. Re-think Possible

A Portland mom with six kids gives up her 9-passenger suburban for a bike. Check out the contraption here. I admire her resistance toward a privilege she can clearly afford {her husband is a neurosurgeon}, but I don’t see myself foregoing this particular modern convenience anytime soon or ever!

Happy weekend, friends.