Fight and Faith

Late last week, after what was thought to have been teething causing long stretches of fussiness, discomfort, sleepless nights and finally loss of appetite, my friends admitted their daughter to the ER. After consulting with the doctors they heard the overwhelming word “cancer”. Eight-month-old J was just diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer and the most common form of cancer in infancy. A tumor had been located in her spinal cord.

As one would assume, the days that followed were long and emotionally taxing for my friend and her husband. They received an influx of love and support via the web, phone, e-mail, Facebook..practically every portal possible. I’m sure it was because of this that they have managed to remain positive and strong. They are adamant they will win this battle.

Baby J underwent surgery on Sunday and the most tumor was harvested. The mass is currently being biopsied and while we await microscopic findings on Thursday, it would be wonderful if you could keep this amazing family in your thoughts. Pray it is low-grade, low-risk, non-aggressive. Every bit helps.

I am confident that the best possible outcome will follow.