On the twelfth day of Christmas Santa gave to me, twelve creating memories.

Eleven minutes until sunset.
Bride and groom sniping.
Newlyweds dancing.
Eight brilliant feathers.
A duo’s love a-brimming.
A mother and daughter gazing.
Young lady graduating.
Four all aglow.
Three big grins.
Tender sister love.
and a branch full of purple berries.

That’s the end of my first installment of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. I’m glad I made the decision early December to share these special moments with the world during the holidays as it forced me to update my blog when I would otherwise be doing a million other things in my PJ’s until noon. I was blessed in 2010 in many aspects-marriage, motherhood, and work- and since I do not keep a journal it was nice to be able to revisit the old memories.

Here’s a photo of our families on Christmas Eve after a long day of eating, shopping, sleeping and opening gifts.

Is it too soon for a little nostalgia? I look at Tulsi’s red Christmas sweater and I realize she will never be able to wear it on Christmas ever again.