Austin Portraits: Wheats

On the sixth day of Christmas, Santa gave to me a mother and daughter gazing.


Young lady graduating.
Four all aglow.
Three big grins.
Tender sister love.
and a branch full of purple berries.

I can still remember the initial e-mail from Lesa. I was sitting in my old bed in Florida with my newborn, getting ready for her baptism. I could tell by the kind words and wishes that I would enjoy photographing Lesa and her mother.

Five months later, we met at one of the local gardens and discussed some of the things they enjoyed, cooking, praying, reading, and the outdoors. I couldn’t be any further from wrong; I enjoyed every 35 minutes spent with them. None the least of which was the 20 minutes we did chatting alone!

I have some of the best clients. Love leaving my portrait sessions feeling like I’ve made new friends..