“Keep me, protect me, share me…and I will live forever!”

I just stumbled across an old Kodak Commercial that makes me so proud to be part of the photographic industry. Please grab a cup of coffee and watch this video. There is a shorter version if you cannot part with six minutes but I highly recommend the the original.

After seeing the old commercial:
Archive your files. Attach keywords or rename your file in such a way that your future grandchildren will be able to understand and easily locate a photo by event or date. What will a hard drive full of files with the suffix DSC mean in 50 years?

Create a duplicate copy of your digital files and store the second set in another location outside of your home. In the event of a fire, flood or robbery you could risk wiping out memories of an entire family or generation. Don’t let your memories crash or burn.

Print your photos. A seemingly mundane moment could be of monumental value in fifty years from now. Protect and share the memories so your families will be able to relive them for years to come.

Happy ACL weekend!