Kimberly + Justin

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend, and an even better summer. I took time off for a weekend “staycation” and relaxed with loved ones from New York City, Austin, Atlanta, Tampa and Orlando. I know we still have approximately four weeks to enjoy the beach and sun, but I am quite ready for fall.

Meet Kimberly and Justin, newlyweds from Alabama.

Every so often I come across a set of images that exude summery power. Such is the case with photos from today’s session. Kimberly came clad in a lovely, white sundress and you can see how the summer gods really blessed us with much of its sunny wonder. Here are a few of my golden picks.

Kristen + Jesse

I met Kristen & Jesse on Friday for sunset photos. The couple had been on a dolphin cruise all day and returned two hours later than scheduled, so they were scrambling to get to the shoot on time. I was happy with the images we captured that evening Kristen wanted meet again at 6:30AM this morning. Jesse didn’t mind a bit, so of course I obliged. They were such a nice, laid back couple and easy to work with.

Easy like Sunday morning..

Simpson Sisters' Portraits

One of the things I love most about my job is the opportunity I get to meet a person, or couple, and connect with them in the short amount of time we spend together. Today was a treat, I got to run around the beach and chat with the Simpson family. They were the most kind, loving, and beautiful people and their love for each other is so evident it makes you want to smile!

Elaina and Kalie were naturals in front of the camera…it made my job easy as pie. I loved how their flowy, baby blue dresses picked up the ocean hues and their curls added a bit of WOW to each photo. Thanks to Stacey for helping me keep curls out of the girls’ faces and also to Allen for keeping the bubbles flowing. I am so glad we were able to squeeze in this session before the return trip to Birmingham. Looking forward to family portraits next year!